Beauty From Ashes

Written By Edmund Appiah

June 23, 2023
Hi Friends!
I was reviewing a few photos on my computer this morning and came across pictures from my hikes a few weeks ago. I have always loved the idea of hiking, so recently, I was able to have that experience, which has been amazing. Many hikes ahead.

I am a person that enjoys long walks, admiring the beauty around us due to my observant nature. I believe there is beauty in everything around us, even the things that seem shaky. It is wonderful to admire the art of God.

Today, I wanted to encourage you that God is making something beautiful behind the scenes. The storm will calm down. God knows how to correct every wrong in our lives. He knows how to position us at the right place and time. When I look at the wonders of God’s creation, it is hard to doubt the power of His work. He created everything through the power of His word, and we have His words available to us.

God is creating beauty out of your ashes. It is hard to believe in a breakthrough when we are going through a storm, but my prayer for you today is that God fills your heart with strength and courage. May He strengthen your faith and fill your heart with Hope. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

This week my beautiful sister and mum are celebrating their birthdays, I miss them so much. I will appreciate your prayers for them.

I will sign off here and will continue to share more life updates soon.

God bless. xx
Your Friend, Edmund.

Friends Of Edmund

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